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The Matéo roundabout, family collection, is a central point to go to several places, to the countryside as to the city. It is impressive to see the sometimes cautious and sometimes reckless motorists maneuver around the Rond-Point Matéo.

Matteo rondabout

SKU: 0005
Digits Color
  • Round plate, freeze-thaw cycles resistant with or without integral color.

    A stainless-steel anchoring system cast into concrete on the back of the plate makes it easy to attach it to almost any surface. A spacing of approximately 1 '' distances the plate from the wall when installed to the wall.

    Painted aluminum digits in 4 colors of your choice. Black, Orange, Teal and Red. 

    Possibility of 1 to 3 digits fixed with silicone double face tape

    All we need is your address!

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