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Eliott Avenue is the natural continuity of Léa-Rose street. Eliott Avenue is a place where it is conducive to laugh out loud because of the happiness of places and ease to get in contact with its residents. Festive barbecue and hockey game make the heart of this vibrating avenue.

Eliotte home address

SKU: 0007
Digits Color
Colored Bar
  • Vertical concrete plate, resistant to freeze-thaw cycles with or without integral color.

    A cast-in-concrete stainless steel anchoring system on the back of the plate makes it easy to attach to almost any surface. A spacing of approximately 1 '' separates the plate from the wall when installed on the wall.

    Aluminum digits painted in 4 colors of your choice. Black, orange, teal and red. 

    Possibility of 1 to 5 digits, attached to the plate with double-sided silicone tape. Optionally to the right of the digits, aluminum bar painted in the same color as the numbers and surface or side mounted or without bar.

    All we need is your address!

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