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Édouard Boulevard, the youngest in the Family collection, leaves no one indifferent with its energy and its own determination. This boulevard lets in the sun at dawn, suddenly waking up all its occupants. Police intervention is often necessary to ensure smooth traffic.

Boulevard address plaque

SKU: 0004
Digits Color
  • Horizontal concrete plate, freeze-thaw cycles resistant with or without integral color.

    A stainless-steel anchoring system cast into concrete on the back of the plate makes it easy to attach it to almost any surface. A spacing of approximately 1 '' distances the plate from the wall when installed to the wall.

    Painted aluminum digits in 4 colors of your choice. Black, Orange, Teal and Red. If you wish to have a different color there would be extra charges of 40$ and additional two weeks of manufaturing. 

    Possibility of 1 to 5 digits protruding from ¼ ”. of the plate give the impression of being floating above the plate.

    All we need is your address!

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